Mom & Adult Daughters at Walt Disney World

It was very important to Vicki and her daughters that they were able to book a Free Dining package.

We reserved a room for them at their favourite resort, then as soon as Free Dining packages were released, I was able to apply the very limited promotion to their booking. After some plans had changed, we were able to modify the dates, while making sure they didn’t lose Free Dining! I made sure they would be able to make good use of their Dining Plan credits, by booking amazing dining experiences for them, throughout their vacation.

“I want to thank my AMAZING travel agent Aydin Turgay for his hard work and dedication.

Aydin knew I was upset that we didn’t get Free Dining for our Vacation in October, and he went above and beyond for us to make it happen. We did get free dining!

Thank you once again, Aydin. I look forward to working with you in the future.

If any one of my friends plan on going on vacation, I highly recommend Aydin.”

-Vicki L., Hamilton, Ontario

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