Top 5 Reasons Why A Disney Vacation Is The Perfect Holiday Gift

No matter what you celebrate, buying your loved ones a holiday gift can be stressful!

This year, make your life a lot easier and their lives a lot more exciting by booking your family a Disney vacation. Whether you’re considering Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California or a Disney Cruise Line sailing, here are 5 reasons why a Disney vacation is the perfect holiday gift.

5. Easy To Buy

Have you been to a mall during the holidays? No thank you. Ordering a gift online can be convenient, but the item you’re looking for rarely seems to be in stock, and shipping can get expensive and stress inducing!

Disney vacations can be a bit complicated too, especially if you’ve never been before. But if you book with a Vacation Planner who specializes in Disney, they’ll get to know your family and help you to curate a customized vacation itinerary, full of pro tips and expert recommendations. Your Vacation Planner watch for new vacation offers and if your booking is eligible, they’ll apply it to your already-booked reservation – that way, you know you’re paying as little as necessary. You can do all of this at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, because the very best Vacation Planners will communicate with you over phone, email or text.

working from home.jpg

And you don’t pay anything for this personalized service! Disney pays Vacation Planners commission to help you plan a vacation you’ll want to tell everyone about. You get concierge level service for free and you’re helping a small local business!

4. Something To Look Forward To

Sometimes you’ll give your kids a gift and later that very day they’re already done playing with it!

Maybe the video game they thought they were going to like was boring or too difficult. Maybe the toy you got them wasn’t the exact one that they had in mind, even though you still can’t tell the difference. Maybe they forgot they even asked for it and are no longer as interested as they once were.

When you book them a Disney vacation, the excitement has only just begun! Put up a countdown calendar in your home as a constant reminder of how great a gift you gave them. You have months to help get them excited, but you also now have new way to make sure they behave, now that Santa has already visited – “do you want me to tell Mickey Mouse (or Queen Elsa) that you didn’t eat your vegetables?”


Family members could also get into the spirit! If relatives are wondering what to buy for the kids, they could purchase Disney Gift Cards for them – either in a store or online. That way, the kids get even more excited, knowing that they’ll be able to choose their own special Star Wars, Marvel, Disney or Pixar must-have toy that you know they’re going to find during your trip. Gift Cards for the kids is also a great idea for birthdays, graduation, chore bribery, etc.

3. The Big Reveal

You’ve always wanted to do it. See the look on their face when you tell them: “we’re going to Walt Disney World”! Now you finally get to share that moment. This part is just as exciting for you as it is for them!


It can be emotional and surprising. It may not be what they expected – maybe they were hoping for a very specific toy or video game. Make sure you have a few tangible items ready to help drive home the idea of what you’re giving them.

Make a bit of a show of it. Maybe incorporate helium balloons with a sign, or a series of huge boxes that open like Russian dolls. This is a very important trip, so you want to set the tone right. Have a few small Disney, Star Wars or Marvel themed gifts and give it to them as a lead-up to the reveal. A Jedi robe that they can wear to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new Toy Story toy that can come along with them to Toy Story Land, or a costume they can wear to meet their favourite character. All of these smaller gifts will seem even more special once you’ve revealed the surprise at the end.

Another great idea is a Disney+ subscription. That way, you can watch all of the classic Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies together, in the months leading up to your trip. You could devote Sunday nights and call it The Wonderful World of Disney, choosing a new movie each week and starting a new family tradition.

You can also show them some spoiler-free Disney Parks travel videos, whether it’s a well-produced informational video made by Disney or an unofficial one made by very popular YouTube Vloggers, which are so popular with kids these days.

2. Pay Slowly

To book your Walt Disney World vacation package, you only need to pay a deposit of $200 USD. This deposit is refundable up until the date that your final payment is due, about a month before your trip.

The remaining balance can be paid off at your leisure. You can even add a Dining Plan to your reservation, so most of your meals and snacks will be paid off in advance! That way, you’ll be able to relax a bit more during your special trip.


How do you pay?

  • You can ask your Vacation Planner to set up scheduled payments for you, so month by month you’re gradually paying it down.
  • You could watch the exchange rate and when you notice that the Canadian Dollar is doing particularly well, you could ask your Vacation Planner to apply a payment for you.
  • You could use Disney Gift Cards to pay off your balance! Sometimes you’ll find offers in stores to save money or earn extra loyalty points by purchasing gift cards. Disney Gift Cards CAN be used to pay off your remaining balance, and the exchange rate is usually better than what credit card companies offer.
  • Or you can pay it off in large random installments, or pay it all immediately, or wait until just before the balance is due… whatever works best for you!

Because your Vacation Planner is booking your reservation directly with Disney, you would be able to modify it if your plans need to change (subject to availability).

If you’re planning on flying, book your flights at your leisure – watch airfare rates, get advice from your Vacation Planner, or even use credit card or airline loyalty points to save money on your travel arrangements.

1. Memories

To me, this is the most important one. Remember all of those plastic toys and video games you gave them a few years ago? Neither do they. Items like that don’t have a long lifespan.

Memories are the most valuable thing we can give. Long after they’ve grown up and started their own families, they’ll always have precious memories of the time you spent together. There are very few holiday gifts we can give that they’ll continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Many of my happiest memories involve visiting Walt Disney World with my mom, dad, sister and grandmother. And now that I’m grown up, I still love making new memories with my wife and our families.

Things can happen. Life can change quickly. If you have the means and opportunity to create these memories with the people you love, don’t put it off.

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Have you ever given a Disney vacation as a holiday gift?

Do you have any advice on creative ways to do “the big reveal”?

Let me know in the comments section.

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