The Top 6 Drinks You Need To Try At Epcot

Recently, one of my biggest fans approached me with a great idea…

After having watched my Cocktails From Around The World video series on my Facebook page, he thought I would be the perfect person to talk about adult beverages at Epcot.

Epcot happens to be my favourite theme park in the world, due in no little part to the excellent quality and wide range of food and beverage options.

It can get a little bit overwhelming, especially on a hot day when you need something cold to drink but have no idea what to choose! And unless you’re doing the Drinking Around The World challenge (which I don’t recommend, unless you’re sharing the drinks with other people), you likely won’t have more then a couple of drinks.

So… what should you choose?

The Top 6 Drinks You Need To Try At Epcot

To be clear, I’m limiting this list to drinks that are available year-round – I’m not including the options that are available during Epcot’s four annual festivals, which come with their own set of limited-time offerings.

If you’re planning a visit to Epcot, here are a few great beverages that you don’t want to miss…

1. Cucumber Margarita – La Cava Del Tequila, Mexico Pavilion

This secluded little bar and lounge has been my favourite spot at Epcot to get a drink, since it opened in 2009!

It’s located inside of the Mexico Pavilion’s giant pyramid (air conditioning – yayyyy!), and if you’re not looking for it, you may miss it. And it really is a small lounge – I’d guess that no more than 30 guests could fit inside. If you don’t go at an off hour (earlier in the day when World Showcase first opens, or while people are eating lunch elsewhere), you’ll probably see a long line to get inside, especially if you’d like to sit at a table.

la cava
La Cava Del Tequila, interior – Photo Credit: La Cava Del Tequlia’s Twitter page -@lacavadeltequila

They offer a few sharable snacks, but the main attraction here is the tequila! They have over 100 different varieties behind the bar, and you can order them all by the shot. They also mix wonderfully handcrafted margaritas, using only the best ingredients. This isn’t where you get the giant frozen Spring Break-style concoctions – this is where you get a proper Mexican cocktail.

The cocktail menu usually features around 15 different options. My wife and I have tried most of them by now, but my favourite is the Cucumber Margarita.

I LOVE cucumber in all forms – fresh, pickled, blended, muddled in cocktails, even sliced into ice water, Gin & Tonics or Martinis.

cucumber margarita
Cucumber Margarita from La Cava Del Tequila – Photo Credit: Disney Dining

Here is the cocktail’s description from the menu:

Tequila Blanco, orange liquor, caramelized pineapple juice, muddled fresh basil, agave nectar, muddled cucumber, served on the rocks with a Tajin chili powder rim

The mix of cucumber and herbs is really refreshing and cooling. Perfect for a hot day! And the Tajin powder along the rim adds just the right amount of heat and saltiness – if you don’t like it, they’ll happily keep it off or replace it with another rim of your choice.

This is a very quiet, intimate spot, with no entertainment for kids, so you rarely see little ones in here, as they’d likely get bored. Whenever my friends or clients are planning an adults-only visit to Epcot, La Cava Del Tequila is one of the first things I’ll mention to them!


That long lineup you see may only be for those who’d like to dine in. You can order your drink to go! Talk to the host at the front of the line, and they’ll allow you to bypass it, to get to the standing room area in front of the bar, where the bartenders will prepare your cocktail in a plastic cup that you’re allowed to take with you, as you walk the World Showcase promenade.

2. Schofferhoffer Grapefruit – Multiple locations, Germany Pavilion

By this point, you’ve probably tasted a Radler – a drink made of half beer and half swettened juice, usually grapefruit or lemon – as they’ve really exploded in popularity over the past few years. But for most Disney fans, they first place they tried it is at Epcot, because this is one of the first places that Schofferhoffer exported their Grapefruit Beer to.

It soon became the things of legends in the Disney online community, and a tradition for many repeat guests.

grapefruit beer
Schofferhoffer Grapefruit Beer – Photo Credit: @TheOrlandoDuo on Instagram

This particular Radler is made with Schofferhoffer Heffeweizen, which is a white wheat beer, which tastes light and fresh to begin with, but is then mixed with grapefruit juice – not too sweet and not too tart. In the hot Florida sun, this drink does a great job of cooling you down and quenching your thirst. And because it’s a Radler, it has a lower alcohol content than regular beer, so this is a great option for “lightweights”.

These days, you can easily find this exact beer in stores all across my home province of Ontario, but it’s nice to get it in Germany, where they pour it from a keg. You can get it at the beer cart outdoors, or you can order it at Biergarten, my favourite restaurant at Epcot – you can even get a whole liter of it, in a mug that’s as big as your head!

3. Tipsy Ducks In Love – Joy Of Tea kiosk, China Pavilion

This drink is available at the Joy Of Tea kiosk, next to the water, across from the China Pavilion. It’s a very unique drink!

It’s made with freshly brewed Tea AND Coffee, blended with Bourbon and Chocolate. And if you’d like, they’ll top it with whipped cream!

tipsy ducks in love.jpg
Tipsy Ducks In Love – Photo Credit: Disney Hipster Blog

Taste-wise, it’s similar to drinks like a White Russian or a Mudslide – sweet and creamy but not too strong. The coffee and tea give it that caffeine kick that you may need by the time you’ve walked all the way to China!

While you’re there, you should try some of the tasty snacks that this kiosk sells! I really like the Curry Chicken Pocket!

4. Frozen Kirin Beer – Garden House kiosk, Japan Pavilion

If you just want a really cold beer on a really hot day, this may be your best option in all of Epcot!

Kirin Frozen Beer – Photo Credit: Touring Plans

To be clear, the beer itself is not frozen or slushy, but rather, it’s topped with a semi-frozen foamy head. The head almost looks like a really fancy barista drink or Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream. This head floats on top of the beer and remains there as you drink it, serving as a buffer from the heat – the beer stays nice and cold, because of the head!

If you’ve never had Kirin beer before, it’s a Japanese imported lager. It’s similar to something like Stella Artois or Mill Street Organic. It’s a nice, easy-to-drink beer, without the hoppy bite that you may associate with newer craft beers.

Epcot is the first spot outside of Japan where you can get Frozen Kirin!

5. Pub Blends – Rose & Crown Pub, UK Pavilion

If you want to go inside somewhere to have a cold drink, the UK Pavilion’s Rose & Crown Pub offers an authentic English local pub experience. They serve wonderful food in the Table-Service restaurant section, but you often need a reservation. But you don’t need a reservation for the bar area, assuming there’s space – it can get a bit crowded sometimes. It’s a really fun place to hang out for a while! The staff are very welcoming and friendly, and the patrons always seem to be ready for a good time.

Rose & Crown Pub in Epcot’s UK Pavilion – Photo Credit: WDW Info

One of my favourite things to order here are the Pub Blends. This is where your bartender expertly layers two different types of beers (some versions even include cider, soft drinks or fruit juice), in a single glass.

Illustration of a Black & Tan – Image Credit: Back That Glass Up

Here are some of the blends you can order:

  • Golden: Half Stella Artois and Half Bass Ale
  • Half & Half: Half Harp and Half Guinness
  • Black & Tan: Half Bass Ale and Half Guinness
  • Bumblebee: Half Boddingtons and Half Guinness
  • Golden Fox: Half Boddingtons and Half Bass Ale
  • Shandy: Half Sprite and Half Bass Ale
  • Snake Bite: Cider topped with Harp
  • Cider & Black: Cider with a shot of Black Currant Juice

You can also order things like two different Scotch flights (Single Malt or Johnnie Walker), but there’s something special about ordering one of these blends on a hot day!

6. Grey Goose or Grand Marnier Slushie – Les Vins de Chefs de France kiosk, France Pavilion

Of all the drinks on this list, these slushies may be the MOST popular.

I remember before my first adult Walt Disney World trip (my Honeymoon), my wife and I had done a limited amount of research, but we KNEW that we wanted to try these slushies.

Grand Marnier Slushie – Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

By the time we had gotten around to the France Pavilion, she was ready for a break, but it was really hot that day, and I wanted those slushies! Which one should I choose? I couldn’t decide, so I ordered both of them.

As we stood in the hot Florida sun, with a drink in each of my hands, we watched some very entertaining street performers stacking and balancing on top of restaurant chairs. I was going back and forth tasting both drinks, trying to decide which one I preferred. They were both great, and I could barely even taste the alcohol!

Once the show ended, it was time to walk into the shade, and that’s when I felt it. I was pretty tipsy! I had some water and took a break from the adult beverages until dinner.

Long story short (too late): these babies are strong!

So, there you have it!

Of course, there are MANY other wonderful options throughout Epcot’s World Showcase, including wine glasses or flights in Italy, France or Germany, craft beers and hard root beers in the American pavilion, a new outdoor margarita stand in Mexico, and others!

What’s your favourite drink to enjoy at Epcot? Did yours make the list? Let me know in the Comments section.

drinking beer at biergarten.JPG

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