My Top 6 Disney Parks Christmas Tree Ornaments

For many people, purchasing a Christmas Tree Ornament has become a Walt Disney World tradition.

During our Honeymoon, my wife and I fell in love with the Christmas Shops in all of the parks at Walt Disney World, especially a huge one at Disney Springs (then known as Downtown Disney).

Since then, we’ve tried to make it a point to purchase one Christmas Tree Ornament during every visit, so every Christmas, we’ll be reminded of our wonderful trips throughout the years! Here are my Top 6 favourites…

#6: Mary Poppins

This Mary Poppins Christmas Tree ornament was purchased at the Christmas store in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. Follow Aydin at Pure Magic Vacations for all of your Canadian Disney travel needs!

We just picked this one up on our last trip in March 2017. I love the sparkles on Mary’s outfit, from the scene where she and Bert took the kids into the cartoon world with the horse race.

#5: Pickle Ornament From Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

Do you know about the Pickle Tree in the Christmas Shop at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion? It may sound strange, but like most things in Epcot’s World Showcase, this is based on a REAL thing in the Pavilion’s host country.

From Walt Disney World for Grownups, one of my favourite Disney blogs, “According to German tradition, the pickle brings good luck and was always the last ornament placed on the tree. On Christmas morning the first child to find the gherkin was rewarded with a little extra gift from St. Nicholas. This tradition encouraged the children to appreciate all the ornaments on the tree, rather than hurry to see what St. Nicholas had left for them.

So next time you’re at Epcot, stop in Germany and get a pickle for your tree!

Epcot’s Pickle Tree – photo courtesy of Walt Disney World for Grownups

#4: Festive Peter Pan

Peter Pan has always been one of my very favourite Disney films and characters. When I first saw this sparkly ornament, with Peter wearing a red scarf, I knew he’d make a great addition to our Christmas Tree!

#3: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol has been a Christmas tradition for me since I was a wee child. I still love the classic holiday special! It’s now availble on Blu Ray, in High Definition quality and surround sound!

I actually special ordered this ornament from a Hallmark store here in Toronto, as I’ve never been able to find one quite as cute at Walt Disney World! But it’s Mickey as Bob Crachit with Tiny Tim, so I’ll make the exception and include it on this list!

#2: Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon is another one of my all-time favourite Disney films. This purchase was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made! There’s nothing especially Christmasy about this ornament, but just seeing Elliott recreating a classic scene from this wonderful film makes me smile every time. It’s quite a heavy ornament, so he needs to sit on a branch of the tree, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

#1: Classic Mickey & Goofy Cutting Down A Tree

We found this retro-looking ornament on our Honeymoon and were blown away by its awesomeness! We loved everything from the classic dark pupils in Mickey’s eyes, to the natural grain of the wood throughout the ornament, and even the way Mickey and Goofy’s scarves appear to be blowing in the wind.

There was an entire series of these ornaments, including a VERY cute one with 3 classic characters tobogganing. We made an immediate plan to buy one ornament from this series each time we returned in the future.

That’s when we learned a very important lesson…

Most of the items you find at Disney Parks are limited in release. It most likely WON’T be there next time you visit. That was the case with this series of ornaments: not only have we never found them at Walt Disney World again, I can’t even find them online! We REALLY regret not purchasing the entire series when we first saw them.

Now we know: if you see something you LOVE at a Disney Park, assume that it won’t be there on your next trip. Buy it NOW and worry about the credit card statement when you get home!

Do you have any favourite Disney Parks ornaments? Is this a tradition you think your family would like to participate in? I have recommended that my clients make a point to purchase a Christmas Ornament when they visit, particularly on important trips, like Honeymoons or First-Time Visit.

Do you have any Disney Parks shopping traditions of your own? I would love to hear about them!

Please comment below.

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