Throwback Thursday – 1992

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes all the way back to 1992, back when Epcot was still known as EPCOT Center.

This was a VERY special trip for me. It was just me any me mom. I was finally old enough to enjoy appreciate and enjoy EPCOT Center, and I fell in love with the park. To this day, it’s still my favourite theme park in the world.A photo taken in 1992 at EPCOT Center's China Pavilion. Aydin at Pure Magic Vacations is your best source for Disney and Theme Park Travel information.

We began the day by making a dinner reservation at the WorldKey Kiosk!

The WorldKey touchscreen video phone was such a cool way to make your same-day EPCOT Center dining reservations, back in the day. Photo by Werner Weiss and Dennis Derr, January 1983
Photo by Werner Weiss and Dennis Derr, January 1983, courtesy of

At the time, this was a VERY futuristic setup, where you’d use a touchscreen video phone to speak live with a Cast Member, who would assist you in making a dining reservation. You could only make a reservation for the SAME DAY! Can you believe it? You didn’t need to plan your meals six months in advance! The WorldKey station was located near the Fountain of Nations, where you can now find a Disney Pin kiosk and attraction wait time board.

We made reservations for Biergarten in the Germany Pavilion. (my mom’s choice – I wanted to eat at the Mexico Pavilion). We had such a great time! To this day, Biergarten is still my favourite restaurant on Walt Disney World property – it’s not necessarily the BEST food on property (although the food is very good), but we always have the MOST fun there.

This trip was also the very first time I REALLY loved Spaceship Earth, still one of my favourite Disney Attractions. At the time, it was voiced by Walter Cronkite. It was a fantastic version of the ride! The audio animatronics were not as impressive as today’s version, but the narration was MUCH better.

Here’s a WONDERFUL video of Spaceship Earth from that era. I’ve queued the video to where the ride actually begins.

This was SUCH an important trip for me, and the happy memories associated with it were a real influence on my decision to become a Vacation Planner.

I love to help other people create memories that are as happy as this day was.

Did you get to experience this era of EPCOT Center? Did you get to ride the Walter Cronkite version of Spaceship Earth?

Please comment below.

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