Disney Pin Monday: Living With The Land

Living With The Land - 171016

This is one of my favourite pins in my collection!

I love to collect Disney Pins from my favourite Walt Disney World attractions, and Epcot’s Living With The Land certainly fits that description. This ride is a must-do for me – I try to ride it TWICE each visit. I find it to be SO relaxing, especially during a busy morning of running between Future World attractions.

I like to request the first row from the Cast Member (even if we have to wait for the next boat), as it offers the best views of the attraction, as well as a nice, relaxing breeze!

Here’s a wonderful, 4K HD video of the attraction:

This adorable Disney Pin, featuring Chip ‘n’ Dale, as well as Mickey & Minnie was sold on a piece of paper which is embedded with wildflower seeds! You can literally plant the piece of paper in your yard and flowers will grow, which perfectly fits the theme of the attraction.

I had been thinking about adding this pin to my collection for years, and once I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to find, I finally purchased it at the small shop outside Soarin’, also located in Epcot’s The Land Pavilion.

I would love to know about your favourite Disney Pin in your collection!

Please comment below.

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