Curing The Post-Disney Blues – Part 1

Got a case of the “Post-Disney Blues”?

Coming home from at trip to Walt Disney World can fill you with mixed emotions.

You’ve just created tons of new, happy memories that you’ll cherish forever. But you’ve now left the wonderful Vacation Kingdom and you’ve returned to your regular life. As we all know, regular life isn’t full of rides, characters, treats and wonderful, happy people.

Every time I get home from a trip, I develop a case of the “Post-Disney Blues”. This feeling can last a few weeks. Over the past several years, I’ve developed some strategies to help me combat the Post-Disney Blues.

Part 1: YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great site for finding videos of just about anything. But when it comes to Disney Parks videos, it’s a library full of treasures. Many of your favourite shows and attractions have already been filmed by someone else.
These videos are often in High Definition (sometimes even in 4K HD), with Surround Sound. Many are filmed by professionals, using tripods and very expensive recording equipment. The quality of these videos is so high that they allow me to put my own camera down while I’m in the parks and simply enjoy being in the moment. I know that when I get home I’ll find one of these incredible videos, which looks much better than anything I could have recorded myself!

If you have the ability to do so, I recommend watching these YouTube videos on your TV, rather than your smartphone or computer
(using an app on your Smart TV, ApppleTV, ChromeCast, Roxio, video game system or any other method you may have).

Here are a few of my favourites:

YouTube Vloggers: TheTimTracker

Tim and his spouse Jen live in the Orlando area, and they post a new video every single day! Most videos involve a visit to Walt Disney World, but they also visit other Orlando attractions, including Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Legoland, factory outlet malls, any many other places you may someday like to visit.

They’re fun, charming and family appropriate. It’s a great to feel like you’re really there, anytime you feel “homesick”.

Here’s a video from their recent visit to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival:


This video of the Magic Kingdom’s recently-exctinct fireworks show is my favourite version. The folks at Clifflix do really incredible work!


This version of Epcot’s nighttime display is really incredible. The Clifflix folks have super-imposed the globe so it looks larger and you can really see what’s happening during the show’s 2nd act!

Spaceship Earth

There have been four different versions of this attraction, but the Jeremy Irons-narrated version was my personal favourite. The narration is excellent and the script is powerful and poetic without being condescending (as many people feel the current Judy Dench-narrated script is). This version uses a soundboard recording of the audio, so you can really appreciate the narration and score.

Living With The Land

This is one of my favourite classic attractions. Epcot “edutainment” at its best!
This recent video uses a low-light, 60 FPS camera, so the colours in the darker scenes really pop out!

Disney Park Bench series

This series of videos is great for taking a quick, 5-minute break. You’ll be able to imagine you’re really there!
Some of the videos are even filmed in 360 degrees, so you can move your device around and see everything!

Pirates of the Caribbean

This low-light 4K HD video is really amazing!

Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video

Each year, Disney releases a new Vacation Planning DVD.
These videos highlight everything that Walt Disney World Resort has to offer, without spoiling any surprises. It’s a great video to share with friends, or to watch when feeling nostalgic!

Must Do Disney

If you’ve stayed in a Walt Disney World resort hotel, you probably already know Stacey and her “Must-do”! This video runs on a loop on one of the channels of the resort’s television system.
This video is another excellent way to chase away the Post-Disney Blues.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this continuing series.

For more Theme Park advice, money-saving opportunities and fun, follow Theme Park Travel with Aydin.

Aydin Turgay is a Vacation Planner who specializes in Disney & Theme Park Travel, and a TICO-Registered Professional Travel Agent with Pure Magic Vacations.
To ask questions or request a free, no-obligation quote, email him at

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